What is MK- 2866?

MK- 2866 is an exploration chemical known as Ostarine. It’s a non-steroidal SARM (picky androgen receptor modulator) that has the implicit to increase spare body mass without causing the side goods associated with traditional anabolic steroids. The US FDA classifies Ostarine as an “investigational medicine”, meaning that it isn’t approved for mortal use. Still, it’s available to experimenters and is popular among recreational and professional bodybuilders. Due to its eventuality to increase athletic performance, Ostarine is banned by all major sporting bodies, including the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). So, what does Ostarine do?


 important of what we know about this comes from beast studies. still, so MK-2866 me studies have explored this in humans

  • In 2011, a double-eyeless, placebo-controlled Phase II trial explored the effect of Ostarine on a group of 120 aged men over 60. After 12 weeks, experimenters established that men who had taken 3 mg of Ostarine per day gained more spare body mass than those who entered a placebo. This led experimenters to presume that Ostarine may help treat muscle wasting caused by cancer and other conditions.
  • In 2013, a double-eyeless, randomized controlled Phase II trial examined the effect of Ostarine on a group of manly and womanish cases with cancer. After 15 weeks, experimenters set up those cases who entered 3 mg of Ostarine diurnal and gained a normal of1.5 kg spare body mass.

This chemical helped cancer cases gain spare body mass on just 3 mg of Ostarine per day, so you can see how it could profit someone cutting weight who wants to save muscle mass.

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