Dab Rigs

What do we all know about Dab Rigs ?

Concentrate water pipes, sometimes known as “dab rigs” (also known as dab pipes, wax rigs, dab oil rigs, or concentrate rigs), are simple bongs designed for smoking concentrates or oils (which is called “dabbing”). Dab rigs are equipped with nails rather than the typical dry herb slide. When you “dab” on your extracts, clean concentrate vapour is produced when the nail is heated with a flame (or an electronic nail). Manufacturers of standard glass dab pipes anticipate that you will swap out the glass nail for a quartz banger, domeless ceramic nail, or domeless titanium nail. Although DopeBoo carries a top-shelf nail with the water pipe from the majority of its premium glass brands, many customers still choose to upgrade their dab setup by purchasing extra accessories. The demand for concentrates as an alternative to dry herbs has skyrocketed. Glass dab rigs are now among the most popular water pipes at DopeBoo as a result. New and seasoned aficionados alike are becoming interested in dab rigs. Glassblowers have stepped up to produce some very impressive dab rigs and other vapour devices in order to satisfy this newly discovered ardour. Shopping for a glass oil rig or wax rig at a conventional brick-and-mortar headshop may be a real hassle. You can shop for dap rigs from DopeBoo.

Dab Rigs

Types of Dap Rigs at DopeBoo :

Every one of us has previously shared a dorm room with a human who only ate Ramen or been the recently adopted mutt. Especially at DopeBoo, having little extra cash does not prevent you from purchasing a high-quality dab rig. The California glass artisans at UPC are renowned for producing top-tier glass at competitive pricing, making them the greatest option if you’re seeking for the best “budget” dab rig. At DopeBoo’s online headshop, you can easily browse more straightforward designs and affordable dab rigs like the Tear Drop Bubbler Rig or amp up the percolation with a Honeycomb to Showerhead Rig. DopeBoo’s purportedly inexpensive dab rigs are everything but inexpensive in terms of quality, and after purchasing a rig online for a fantastic price, you’ll have extra money to spend on concentrates. From the convenience of your mobile device or computer, you may use their online platform to efficiently review all makes, models, and pricing of the top, cheap, different types of dab rigs available in the market.

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