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Drink When Keeping That Rocking Body Is a Must

A Little about A Lot of Vodkas

Summer is most people’s favorite and favorite season. Sun, sand, beach and parties are what most people look forward to. Summer is also the best time to drink the coolest drinks. Whether it’s for fun beach parties or family vacations with sweet, fruity drinks, the hot weather really calls for some of the coolest drinks around.

A Look into Different Vodka Brands

There are many alcoholic beverages available and mixing them is easy. While it’s easiest to buy a few packs of beer, making your own drinks isn’t that difficult. For the beach, you can prepare delicious, Shop vodka in Los Angeles refreshing and pleasant drinks that you can share with family and friends.

Sangria is an equally great tasting drink, but without the mixing because the drink is readily available at grocery or liquor stores. Summer Brew is a strong flavored drink made up of four parts beer, one part lager and one part vodka. The Mai Tai is made with one part light rum and half parts almond cream, dark rum, and pineapple juice. This drink is very refreshing, but with a light touch. The Hurricane is a little more complex, combining vodka, grenadine, light rum, almond liqueur, and grapefruit and pineapple juice for that distinctive punchy flavor. Finally, any Mexican drink will be a really great hit on the beach.

Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink Choices

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If soft drinks are your thing and you’d rather just chill on the beach, stock up on fruit smoothies and shakes to help you cool off with sweet and tasty drinks. Simply blend your favorite fruits in a blender with ice or ice cream and you’ll have drinks that the whole family can enjoy. If the flavor of the smoothie Shop vodka in Los Angeles is not as strong as you would like, add a little fruit juice to the mixture. Apple juice and white grape juice complement the other fruit flavors without overpowering the taste.

Complement your drinks with food that’s fun and easy to eat while you’re at the beach. Shop vodka in Los Angeles ,Food that can be eaten is best. Leave the heavy food at home. Except for poolside or beach barbeques, you can leave the dishes and silverware at home, as you’ll still get simple snacks. But for a family barbeque, keep a close eye on the drinks so that minors don’t consume alcoholic beverages intended for adults at home.

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