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          If you are an outdoors enthusiast and have been going on camps and mountain climbing in the wilderness, then you need to carry the best gadgets that will offer you the functionality, the help and assistance that you require. Sometimes it would become a matter of life and death when you do not carry the right stuff with you out there  on the details of the best electric lighter. A lighter out in the wilderness cannot be taken lightly as it has several functions to perform right from starting a fire to having some light to abet p see the area around in the wild, and also to keep you warm when the temperature goes down and several other such functions. If your lighter fails or is slow to ignite a fire then its functionality comes near a question. One must choose the best light here in such critical circumstances.

The arc lighter:

The functionality:

          The electric lighter is called by several names but it refers to the electric lighter as everyone knows. It uses electricity to power the starting o a fire by creating an arc between two electrodes and the arc gets to go to the tips of the two points by a blow of air to carry it forwards towards the object that needs to be lit. Thiselectricity from a battery gives it the power to bring out the result and the result is seen as a cross between the two points of the gadget. The lighter is very fast when compared with the gas firedlighter, the matchstick and others. This is very quick and you need the speed outdoors to be able light afire and scare away the wild animals. If the light is not fast enough then it could be a matter of life and death. So the function is very good as far as this lighter is concerned.

It is sleek:
          the lighter is made of good quality casing and in the inside you will find a battery which is charged with a USB cable which can used from any device like  a laptop, the gentle clicking action creates the fire very easily and very quickly, the design is very stylish and the black casing is very attractive. It is so sleek that everyone can carry it with them and this is very light in weight and a single press of the button is sufficient to light the best electric lighter

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