Custom Awards

How to choose the trophies for events

A trophy is the final representation of an important event such as a contest, competition or recognition.There are millions of trophy designs in the world, some of them very characteristic, such as the Oscar Award statuette.

The shape and design of a trophy says a lot about what is being awarded. In some cases, a special design is sought that has to do with the contest logo or with what is to be conveyed. In other cases, a slightly more formal trophy is desired, with classic characteristics where the name of the contest ends with the presentation of custom luxury awards.

Much depends on all this, also the decision of the type of material that is going to be used in the trophy, since it is what will make it possible to mold a certain design or not.

In general, today the methacrylate material is used, because thanks to its resistance and its possibilities, it achieves a special trophy where marking can be made so that it remains with the desired name or logo.

Of course, another detail to take into account in these cases is, for example, the color of the trophy. Colors always tell us a lot about something and in the case of trophies, without a doubt, they will transmit many experiences to us.

Custom Awards

The design of a trophy is not easy. Finding the exact point that is sought and expected is not something that can be done overnight. You have to unite both the meaning, with the concept and what that contest or award conveys.

The best thing in all cases is to leave this in the hands of professionals who can provide you with the best advice in this regard, not only in terms of design but also in terms of colors and the type of material to be used, which, as we said, above, it will define a lot the type of trophy that can be made or not with it.

Creating personalized plaques and trophies allows us to give life to the ideas of those who rely on us , giving us the opportunity to capitalize on our experience and to play with the creativity that the world of communication and art has always inspired us.

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