Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing; what it is and benefits

Influence marketing combines word of mouth (marketing) with the support of well-known people and celebrities (influential). There are by now a lot of brand that work with community information, or highly documented within their niche, to talk about their products or generate content.

When implement a digital advertising strategy, there are a lot of technique that can be used and, a lot of more, the question that happen. It seems that in this surroundings all works or that everybody does what seem most outstanding according to their objectives.

Exhibition to a larger audience

I had by now told you that there are citizens in communal networks that build up millions of followers in every  account and that, in theory, would allow your message to reach each of those people and from there to spread your message much more.


If you look, the influential ones have good numbers in terms of interaction with their audience . Every ¬†photo can have thousands of “like” and a lot of additional view.

Influencer Marketing

This is a tip that I similar to to clarify because I have seen a lot of financial records on communal network that are successful with respect to the number of followers and the level of interaction, but at the time of the analysis of market segmentation are not very good stops. They are generic accounts, if you will, that is, they are visited by a large number of people of different ages, sexes and interests; In this case, the exposure of the message to your target is difficult to measure and success is uncertain.

Do not remove the influencer from his usual behavior to advertise

What is involved is to integrate your advertising with the content that you already share; this is how this strategy is successful. , for instance, create an influencer characterize by Influencer Marketing; get serious to make the statement of your brand; that does not work.

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