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As time changed, there has been very serious and an increasing Change at the side of the technology. Technology can be defined as the addition of techniques, skills, and minds to develop some of the unique devices. The technology has brought a revolutionary change in the use of gadgets and devices which are used by people in their day to day life and is continuously changing. Several people have a great interest in how these technical related things work; some love the works while some take these things as their passion and carrier.Some love to acquire every single knowledge that makes a device work. Different people have different interests. This led to the formation of whatever-tech by Anthony Petit.

About the website

The website deals with severalgadgets and provides details about the gadgets in briefs to the reader. They believe in conveying the right knowledge of this technical information to other people. The website is somewhat like a technical blog. In-short they give details of the products that are available on Amazon. They majorly provide detailed information about the product and, in addition, to which they give the in-detail description of the product and then, at last, they give their in-depth reviews. They also give the pros and cons of technical products. This helps a reader or a person to be more clear about their choice of buying gadgets.


Gadgets which they deal with

Since the website deals with several tech things and technology has no boundaries around. The website deals with the following devices:

  1. Monitor stands- monitor stands are a support system for the monitor but help the owner to adjust the viewing posture of the monitor. A correct viewing posture can be beneficial for the user. Whatever-tech providesreviews about the best monitor stands. Monitor stands are of different types such as single stands, dual stands, triple stands, quad stands, 6-monitor stands, and VESA monitor stands.
  2. Kitchen tools- the website gives a detailed review of two of the best kitchen tools. One is the coffee brewer, and another is a bread machine.
  3. Gadgets- the website deals with blogs related to MacBook.
  4. Sound equipment- the website suggests some of the best mic stands and also the Bluetooth sound accessories.
  5. Smart home- the website provides detailed information to their readers about the best gadgets that can act beneficially in a home.
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