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An essential skill for a successful web designer

Understand design principles


A song can be written without knowing music theory, and drawing can be done without taking an art class. Although some of us may be born with web designer ability, having a good understanding of how to create something that’s calculated and unique can make all the difference.


A typographic style


The way we perceive ideas is influenced by typography. The weight and geometry of a type communicate meaning, so a designer needs to know how to communicate with appropriate typographic choices. The web designer may find it difficult to choose a font from all the available options. Decorative fonts should be used sparingly as ornamentation, while practical fonts such as Georgia, Verdana, and Roboto are good for body copy. Using the right type style and knowing when to use it is one of the hallmarks of a good designer.

web designer


The Structure


A combination of text, visuals, and other elements serves a practical and artistic purpose. The design is visually harmonious, but it is also arranged hierarchically. A good design should grab our attention and make us want to read the content. Negative space, contrast, and proportional elements must be used to create a balanced layout. Look at the design that surrounds you on websites, paintings, movie scenes, or billboards. You will see more good composition in your design if you become more aware of and capable of recognizing it.


Theory of Color


The basics of combining primary colors to create new colors will guide you in creating pleasing color palettes. It is important for you as a designer to know how complementary, contrasting, and analogous colors complement each other.

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