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Stay away from the blood sugar roller coaster.

Surprisingly, most diet and nutrition experts believe that snacking between meals is beneficial. There are, however, rules to the snacking game. Nibbling on the wrong foods, snacking on too much food, snacking too frequently and at the wrong time and in the wrong place can all contribute to obesity. Eating no snacks might also lead to weight gain. Food is converted by your body into glucose, the most basic type of sugar, which it then uses for energy. Blood glucose levels must remain normal so the body does not believe it is famished. You can have healthy snacks from you home with snacks delivery in Singapore. Healthy eating helps to maintain normal glucose levels and prevents a terrible cycle that looks something like this:

  • When blood sugar falls too low, food cravings grow, potentially leading to emergency trips to the corner store for a huge chocolate bar and a Coke, a combination guaranteed to trigger a sugar crash. A big sugar surge
  • In reaction, your pancreas produces a flood of insulin into your circulation. This insulin processes the sugars in your diet and helps store the excess as fat. Try with snacks delivery in Singapore
  • A lot of sugar implies a lot of insulin, which lowers your blood sugar below normal, provoking you guessed it the same desires that led you in search of a candy bar in the first place. Plus, low blood sugar causes the release of stress hormones, further complicating matters. Low blood sugar symptoms might range from mild sadness to severe headaches.

popular snacks

Food cravings, poor memory, hazy vision, violent outbursts, reduced sex desire, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), joint discomfort, fainting, sobbing bouts, phobias, and other symptoms Snacking on the correct foods at the right times and in the right amounts can help you prevent unpleasant symptoms.

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