Test your face mask whether it is authentic

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Due to the continue rise of COVID-19, all the experts are recommending people to wear a mask when they go out in public. People are following to protect themselves from the virus but many using the homemade masks. It does not protect from getting sick. The experts recommend using the certified quality KN95 Mask which helps to prevent the diseases by the people those with the virus. This mask is an increase in demand and 200 millions of masks are manufactured by China daily.

It is essential to check the face mask before using. With its pandemic situation, many uncertified sellers are selling fewer quality masks to the people. Where it does not protect you from diseases and will put you in higher risks. To check whether your mask is reliable follow below steps.

Test your face mask whether it is authentic

  • Put on your face mask. Try to blow out the flame from your mouth with the help of lighter. The certified KN95 Mask does not allow you to blow out even you try harder. The poor quality mask can put the flame out.The certified mask is made up of full-mesh nylon which is stronger but it is breathable. It obstructs a disease which is spread by the close contact during inhaling and exhaling. Then it allows comfortable air circulation.
  • In the certified mask you can smell the fragrance of anything only slightly. Detect the mask whether it gives the smell of any substance with the full force. All the certified masks are designed with the filtration, if you smell the fragrance then it is insufficient with the filtration.
  • It is known that the surgical masks should be designed with the waterproof layer. Whereas to protect from the biological fluids. You can test your mask by dropping water into it. The poor quality mask leaks the water out. If it is certified then the mask cups are with zero leakage.

The quality mask can be washed and reused until it has structural and functional integrity. It will not get damaged physically. In this current situation, everyone needs to wear a mask, before using the mask to ensure safety and quality. You can find the best providers in online research about the provider and read the reviews. They were able to provide the lab test report on the mask. After ensuring the reliability with the above test you can use the face mask to protect from the disease.

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