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Types of garage doors

There are mainly three basic types in garage doors. They are one customized, second semi-customized, and third, being mass-produced. Majority of the garage doors are made of wood or steel, but today there are garage doors available which are made of fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl as well. Most of the materials are usually designed to mimic wood, along with combining beauty and increased durability. Along with type and garage door repair denton tx is something which needs to consider when choosing the garage doors.

Customized garage doors

These personalized garage doors help in recreating the classic, the antique look needed. These are mainly suitable for heritage-inspired homes. Most of the designs here come with the best feature that is roll-up doors. These are also known as made-to-measure doors, and here, every element can be customized that includes panel style, materials, color, trim, insulation, and windows. These are considered to be high-end doors, and they always demand heavy insulation. They even need weather seals, two-sided construction, caps at the top, which prevents rain and wind.

Semi-customized garage doors

Semi-customizeddoors for garage are available in varieties of colors, window styles, and panel styles. They are mostly made up of 24-gauge steel. Mainly they include foam insulation, and they are relatively lightweight.

Mass-produced garage doors

These garage doors are the best choice if in case you are looking out for the least expensive option. These doors mostly have raised panels, but usually, they do not include glass. They are typically made of thinner and 28-gauge steel or from any other material with no insulation or limited insulation. The colour is usually white, but they are available in many sizes.

Garage door and materials used

There are varieties of materials from which garage doors are made. Some of them are

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Wood composite
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

garage door repair denton txEvery element comes with its features, pros, and cons. Paintable fiberglass and steel usually mimic wood garage doors. They provide elegant and lightweight choices for homeowners. There are many varieties when Vinyl garage doors and they are said to be less susceptible when it comes to denting compared to steel. IF we consider modern steel doors, they boast baked-on when it comes to finishes for both interior and exterior panels. This ensures a fresh look and durability both inside and out.

If we consider high-end carriage doors, wooden doors are most common. If it is low-end, tilt-up doors then painted plywood is the best choice. Wooden doors always demand more maintenance when compared to steel doors.

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