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Tips to paint the walls of your house like a professional

Spending little and putting effort and labor, you change the face of your house. If you never painted, here are the keys to master sandpaper, roller, and brush masterfully.

We wear the short or the shoe that does not go anymore, we look for an hour of the day in which it is not very hot and we have to wash the face of the house or -at least- one of its environments. We do not hire a painter. We chose good and easy to apply materials to renovate, with a little effort and creativity, the appearance of a house.

The options are varied and range from the painting of a room -with a single color or combining two or more in different walls- to the various techniques of decorative effects (patina, sponging, mopping, etc.). Click here for handyman services denver.

Choose a good painting; Buy quality brushes and rollershandyman services denver

The quality and type of paint are as important as the color to achieve a good result. It will always be good to choose quality paintings, even if they are more expensive. They will have a greater covering power, which will allow us to save in the hands of painting – and with less time of application – and in quantity of material. In addition, they will guarantee us a uniform color and greater durability over time. Visit this site for handyman services denver.

Choosing good quality paint tools will ensure better coverage of the surface to be painted, so we will save on paint, apart from achieving a better finish. It is an investment that is amortized over time since with a correct choice one acquires elements that can be used for several years.

Cover the place to avoid spots

With an old sheet, cover the floor so that the dripping paint does not stain the floor. The edges and contours that surround frames, windows and doors can be taped to pass the brush without risk of going over the limit.

Basic techniques for painting

To obtain a uniform color, mix and stir well all the contents of the cans in a single container. The paint should be spread evenly on the surface without dripping or dripping.

When we paint with a brush or roller we have to follow 3 steps: we apply the paint, distribute it evenly and carefully smoothen it to obtain an even result.

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