Beast roe bucks from Poland

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In the past, roebuck hunting in Poland was our claim to fame. Looking on results from last season and spying results from this one, we can affirm that we are returning to the first leauge. Last season brought Poland in excess of 1200 just gold award buck trophies. Viewing on this season and nature of the trophies, to beat this number is by all accounts just the matter of time.

Beast bucks were additionally given to Ultimate Hunting visitors, amid debut roe buck hunts in May, just as roebuck groove. The two-time frames were exceptionally kind for our seekers and conveyed incredible and substantial heads.


Driven hunts with Ultimate Hunting

How they state – ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END – the same in this 2017/18 driven hunting season. We have had hunting visitors from everywhere throughout the World – new faces just as old Ultimate Hunting Friends.

From earliest reference point climate was not our attitude, even now in January we are as yet looking forward on the winter. Regardless of about that we conveyed, incredible minutes to our hunting companions and successful results on our hunts.

By and by gratitude to every one of our Guests for an order, safe shots, decent atmosphere lastly for the trust which you provided for Ultimate Hunting.

At a similar, we are welcoming to Poland for new 2018/19 hunting season

Roebuck groove 2019 – superior to premiere

Diverse colors on the fields, colder mornings, new trophies on the divider – dear hunting Friends we achieved last of the trench roe buck hunts. Viewing on the procedure of these hunts, we can say it was a lot less demanding contrasting with a premiere in May. Less cultivating, better climate achieved an astounding number of games brought down amid this roe buck trench. Likewise, quality of antlers demonstrated that we have incredible conceivable outcomes in Poland.

Live as you mean it.

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