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Here’s a list of the pros and cons of Shisha

The most common type of tobacco in most Middle Eastern countries is Shisha, also called hookah, a pipe made of glass. Today, Shisha is most often found in middle eastern specialty cafes and restaurants around the world, originating from Egypt and other parts of the middle east. In the UAE, you can find plenty of restaurants and cafes that offer Shisha. Although Shisha is commonly associated with tobacco, other natural ingredients like fruits and water-based liquids can be smoked and inhaled. Even though Shisha may seem preferable to smoking tobacco, it presents potential health and social risks. There has been much debate regarding the health benefits and risks associated with smoking shisha, as well as the overall effect on society. Here, we can determine which Shisha is best for us by analyzing its pros and cons.

Advantages of Shisha

A popular alternative to smoking, Shisha has been around for centuries in the Middle East. Despite being much healthier and less harmful than regular cigarettes, Shisha has become a worldwide trend for smokers, along with e-cigarettes. Shisha contains fewer harmful chemicals and toxins than traditional cigarettes, making it an excellent alternative. Here, this may be true, and there are still health risks associated with Shisha and e-cigarettes, as well as the fact that smoking, in general, is not healthy.

Even though Shisha still contains tobacco, its nicotine content is what will relax you as well as put your mind at ease. Shisha is generally consumed after a meal or when talking to others. By not putting as many chemicals and toxins in your body as regular cigarettes, Shisha can help you relax more effectively.

The aroma of Shisha is more pleasant than that of regular cigarettes. Because most Shisha in the Middle East and abroad contains fruit juices and essences, it has a much cleaner smell than regular cigarettes. The smell of Shisha is also less harsh and may even come off as sweet because it contains fewer toxins than a regular cigarette. Second-hand smoke from Shisha can also be harmful, but it is significantly less harmful than smoking conventional tobacco.

Disadvantages of Shisha

Shisha could be a good idea for people trying to quit smoking, but it’s not the best choice. Since Shisha is still a form of smoking, bad smoking habits won’t go away either. You might feel better mentally, but maybe not the best for your overall health.

There is still tobacco in most Shisha, the stimulant that causes addiction. Although it can relieve stress and make you feel better, you will not necessarily be smoking less of it. You may even be encouraged to smoke cigarettes as a result of it.

Inhaling harmful chemicals from Shisha or e-cigarettes can damage your lungs when inhaled, even though many believe they are healthier options for your health. When smoking Shisha, you should always remember that harmful toxins may be present depending on the type and content of the Shisha you are inhaling.


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