Types of Centrifuge Products Available in the Market

Types of Centrifuge Products Available in the Market

Are you looking for centrifuge but not very sure which type can meet your requirements in the best way possible? Well, then you are at a perfect place. After check out this concise and informative post, you will gain a little understanding in different kinds of cytology centrifuge available, why they’re useful & how they work hence you will have right information that you want to select the right design for your lab experiments.

What Kinds of Centrifuge Are Accessible?

There’re many kinds of centrifuge available in the market, from which two primary factors are the rotor speed and the centrifuge size.

cytology centrifuge

  • Microcentrifuges offer RCF of 30000 g. They normally work with the small sample of 0.2 to 2.0 ml, however some centrifuges like eppendorf centrifuge allow larger centrifuge tubes or plates to get substituted in smaller ones, offering a better flexibility.
  • Ultracentrifuges are the high speed centrifuges, and with RCF of 1,000,000 g. Ultracentrifuges come in 2 categories: analytical ultracentrifuge and preparative ultracentrifuge.

When to use cytology?

The healthcare providers & pathologists commonly make use of cytology to screen and diagnose for cancer. The healthcare provider uses just the diagnostic test for anyone if they have any signs and symptoms that recommend they may have certain infection or disease. Diagnostic test, like cytology test, decides if there are abnormal cells present. If yes, test accurately finally classifies the disease or infection.

The healthcare provider makes use of screening tests to check if person can have certain disease, like cancer, before they experience any symptoms. One popular kind of cytology test is Pap smear.

Some more uses for the cytology tests include:

  • Examine thyroid lesions.
  • Diagnose any inflammatory conditions.
  • Diagnose any infectious diseases.

To diagnose any diseases involving body cavities, like space that is between 2 thin membranes that surround and line your lungs (or pleural cavity).

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