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The role of the caregiver in caring for the patient with dementia

In addition to these manifestations of the disease, some precautions must be taken that can be useful with patients suffering from dementia , such as in the case of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Remove the mirror, because they do not recognize each other and can get upset, if they cry never say not to cry but listen to them, do not leave them alone while they watch TV, keep them company. Demented patients will feel more lonely in the evening and may therefore become agitated. Carry them around the house and stay close to them until they calm down and manage to fall asleep. If they have sexual desires, they need to be distracted. Sometimes they strip naked because they live in another dimension, the family experiences these episodes with great embarrassment that in the long run lead the patients to isolation, until they fall into depression. Be patient.

The child learns to do things, the demented person does not know how to do them anymore

Remember that the help that oss can give in these situations can be both emotional and educational, contributing to the management of this type of patient and providing that support that is often lacking in home care, that is that support that also embraces the family as well as the patient, making them participate in the dementia care in Collierville of their loved one and reducing the burden of this type of assistance that involves caregivers 24 hours a day.

The caregiver, from English “the one who takes care”, is the person who is most closely involved in caring for the sick. It represents an important and precious resource, which must be recognized and respected, supported and guided in order to best solve the problems that arise. Every family member of a demented patient is grappling with the pain of seeing their loved one change progressively. The sick person, in fact, progressively changes his relationship with others, losing the skills and identity that previously distinguished him as a unique person. This is a process of slow separation, of loss, which generally has several stages:




sense of guilt.

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