Halal confinement food singapore

Dishes to get to know Singapore through its cuisine

As in virtually any city in the world, in Singapore there are also numerous restaurants with Michelin stars and professional renown that attract gourmet palates. But those who know that the true flavor of the local cuisine is in the hawker centers, the food courts where people gather to taste the delicacies of this country. Click here for halal confinement food singapore.


The translation would be “noodles with minced meat” and it is the Asian version of the Spaghetti Bolognese. The noodles can be mee pok (wide yellow ribbons, similar to fetuchini) or mee kia (finer, angel hair style). After quickly immersing them in boiling water, they are sprinkled with a mixture of black vinegar, soy sauce and chili sauce, and on top of that they put the minced meat, slices of meat, meatballs and liver (all of pork) plus sauteed mushrooms, pea sprouts and a lettuce leaf. Visit this site for halal confinement food singapore.

Beef Rendang

An ideal dish to start in the Malay cuisine, very typical of the Peranakan culture (as the descendants of China who populated the Malay Peninsula are called). The first bite leaves no doubt about its ingredients: meat stewed in coconut milk and a spice paste such as ginger, galangal, lemongrass and turmeric. It melts in the mouth.

Carrot cake

Surprisingly, it has no carrot nor is it sweet. It is made by mixing boiled and grated white radish with rice flour until a coagulated form is achieved. Then, that “cake” is broken and sauteed, adding egg, soy sauce, white pepper and chili sauce, with scallions on top. This is the “white” version, while the “dark” one adds a thick sweet soy sauce.

Char KwayTeow

At first glance, it is a stir-fried noodle. Garlic and pork fat are fried in a super-hot iron wok, along with two types of noodles, slices of Chinese sausage, pea sprouts and fish paste. You can also add seafood, such as prawns or squid. Then, one or two eggs and a mixture of soy sauce and oysters. It is served with chili paste and a lime to sprinkle.

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