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The types of proxy should know about

Before knowing what a proxy is and what are the benefits and risks of using one, we must first and foremost understand what an IP address is and how it is used on the Internet. Your IP address, such as your home address, is a place you tell other people, or in this case other computers, so that they know where to send the information you have requested. You divulge your IP address to others, so that they can send their web pages, emails or software to your PC, phone or tablet. Your IP address is given to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and although its primary use is very beneficial, there are risks if too many people you do not trust know your IP address. Click here for hideme.

The different types of proxies

There are four proxy server models, all of which differ in the level of anonymity and usage. These are Anonymous Proxy Servers, Highly Anonymous Proxy Servers, Transparent Proxy Servers , and Reverse Proxy Servers. Visit this site for hideme.

Type 1: Anonymous Proxy

The most common proxy type is Anonymous Proxy, which is used to hide the IP address of the original computer. It is impossible for the computer receiving your requests to know your personal IP address, and if you need even higher security, the connection between you and the proxy server can be encrypted. This is how most users connect through a proxy.

 Type 2: PHA

The Highly Anonymous proxy offers even more anonymity than the standard connection because it does not present itself as a proxy server, but as a regular computer creating a one-way request to the internet. In this way, the site or final application refers to the proxy server as a client and not as a node, which prevents the restrictions that some web sites and applications pose on proxy servers.

youtube proxy

Type 3: Transparent Proxy

Most users will not consider this type of proxy. Indeed, a transparent proxy is used only to go through the server and display the original IP address as the computer that makes the request. As there is no anonymity, this type of proxy server is not used for the same purposes as the first two, but rather as a resource sharing tool for some companies. This type of proxy is the basis of many cloud-based systems that use multiple computers but still display the basic IP address.

Type 4: Inverse Proxy

The last type is the reverse proxy where the purpose of the connection is not to protect you by accessing web pages and applications, but to prevent other users from easily accessing your computer. Although this type of proxy is of interest to people who store sensitive data on their hard drive, the most common use is that of large companies. The latter have many resources on each computer, and using a reverse proxy connection, they prevent third party interventions on the devices, but instead direct to the server that can be protected by a large number of encryption, firewalls and others.

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