bitcoin exchange

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a revoulution when it comes to currency. You need to know about Bicoin in detail to stay up to date. Click here for btc price chart.

What is Bitcoin for?

Bitcoins are used as a direct payment method online. However, they can be converted into dollars or euros in markets designed for this purpose. Physical parts have even been launched, which can be purchased online using either virtual Bitcoins or traditional payment methods, on eBay, BitMit, MemoryDealers or HardBTC. Visit this site for btc price chart.

bitcoin exchange

 How are Bitcoins created?

Purchasing on platforms provided for this purpose is not the only way to get Bitcoins, although this is quick and easy. Indeed, Internet users can also participate in the process of creating new Bitcoinsand get them. This is called “Bitcoinsmining“.

A new user who wishes to be satisfied with a purchase of Bitcoins via the planned platforms does not need to know how Bitcoins are created. However, a curious user may be interested in this process.

To ensure the credibility of the system, it is necessary that the authenticity of the payer and the availability of funds are verified during a payment in Bitcoins. This is why a monitoringprocess is set up: concretely, netizens members of the network – the “Mining Bitcoins” – invest in computer equipment that they make available to the system for its proper functioning and security. The computers of these Internet users are then put in competition to develop complex mathematical functions that make it possible to check the validity of the transaction. Whoever wins the validation is rewarded by receiving newly created Bitcoins.

A new use of bitcoin: ICOs

The introduction of an IPO is called, in English, an IPO (initial public offering). An ICO (initial coin offering) is a similar approach, except that the fundraising is done in virtual currencies, of which bitcoin is the best known, and that one does not acquire the property of a company. In most cases, this involves funding a new blockchain or an application based on an existing blockchain. This type of financing can be closer to crowdfunding in that the public can directly finance a start-up in bitcoin. These ICOs operate in unregulated markets, resulting in increased risk for investors.

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