viking wedding rings

Most Exclusive Viking Ring Designs

Getting married? Looking for a perfect wedding Viking ring? Here is the list of latest Viking designs. You can buy them easily at the online stores. You need not consider visiting stores to find the Viking wedding rings, get it on a click. No travel time required just visit the website and find the latest design ring.

High Demand Ring Designs

  1. Black Silver Tree Of Life Rustic Viking Wedding Ring – this Viking wedding ring has a tree of life image according to the Norse mythology called as Yggdrasil. The tree of life signifies an eternal green ash tree. According to Norse mythologythe branches and vines are stretched out over all the worlds and extend above the heavens. The ring is designed with slimmer and wider parts, valleys and mountains all are assembled in one ring, united wedding rings
  2. The ring is absolutely unique of its kind and no duplicates. The ring can be used by both men and women’s. The ring is perfect and can be worn everyday. The ring is completely 100% handmade made up of sterling silver with 1.0mm thick ring band. This viking wedding rings are dark oxidized having darker lower spots and higher lighter spots. You can order of your size or tell them to make of your size.
  3. Molten Gold Viking Wedding Ring –the outer layer of the ring is very unique and is created by fire. The moon surface can be seen on the outer layer. The ring is made from recycled 14k solid gold. The ring is available in three different variants lush yellow, warm rose and white gold. This ring is comfortable to wear and is particularly designed keeping in mind the everyday usage. The ring has smaller joints. There is diamond at the center of the ring of size 1.77mm in diameter. The diamonds will enhance the look of the ring giving a small spark effect. You can personally modify the rings if needed. The band width of the ring is 1.0mmand can be modified upon your choice.

There are varieties of Viking wedding rings available with the latest design in all kind and of all type. You will find the Viking rings in all budgets from less expensive to the costliest Viking rings.

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