How to parent your baby

 A mother survives from 9 months of pregnancy. They have to make it all the way through labor and delivery. Now it is the time to head home and start a new life with your newborn. But it is a tough job for the inexperienced moms. They have no idea about what to do, how to do and when to do. They need some expert opinions regarding how to feed a baby and other jobs. Parentinn is a patient and caring job for parents.

Handling a baby:

                Babies don’t have strong immunity power yet, so they are prone to infection. You have to follow some basic rules while handling a newborn baby.

  • Before handling a baby make your hands germ-free with mild soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Rest your baby’s head on your chest and give support under the neck.
  • Don’t shake your baby or throw in the air. It can cause internal bleeding and sometimes death.
  • While carrying your baby on roads, make it sure that your baby is fastened with car seat or stroller.

Changing diaper:

                Changing diaper is an important thing for newborn babies. It straightly relates to the hygiene. Any amateurish practice causes bad infection to the baby.

  • Place your little one on the changing table or simply on a bed. Collect all the essentials at your reach.
  • Take a clean diaper and put it in the right place. If you are using folding cloth, fasten securely.
  • If your baby is getting rashes massage a diaper ointment.
  • Clean your baby’s genital area after removing the dirty wet diaper. Take a cotton ball or diaper wipes and a bowl of lukewarm water to clean.
  • Frequently change your baby’s diaper to prevent rash.
  • Keep your infant undiapered for some time to air out.

Feed your baby:

                This is the most difficult chapter of parentinn. A newborn baby requires being fed every 2-3 hours. But sometimes they cry out and don’t want to take food. You have to keep patience while feeding your baby.

                You can breastfeed or give formula food to your baby. If your baby is eating formula food, you can track how much your baby is eating throughout a whole day. But it is a bit difficult to monitor for breastfeeding.

                If your baby is sleeping well, wets diaper about six times a day, produces stool every day and gaining weight on a regular basis your baby is getting enough food.

                Following proper instructions, one can handle a newborn with ease. After some hectic schedule, it will become pleasant for new parents.

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